We managed to get a semi feral momma cat who was breeding behind some houses where were a family feeding them. She has now been neutered and we pick her up today.  She is handleable to a point, it’s just a case of winning her trust.

We also managed to trap her feral kittens, one by one, so they are safe in our cat-proof shed with a run, with food and water, litter and a bed. The plan is to tame and re-home, although I guess their age to be between 3 and 4 months, which is normally too old. under 6 weeks is ideal, 8 weeks is hard and 10 weeks is virtually impossible. It all depends on their temperament. If worst comes to worst, we get then neutered and released again where people will feed them. Mum is tabby and white, and of the kittens, one is grey and white and one is tabby. Pics to follow.

Anyone with kennels, stables, a smallholding or the like who would be prepared to take a family of feral kittens, please contact us. They will repay your kindness by catching vermin, and will be neutered before they come out.

…  Anne