Biscuit & Cookie

Biscuit & Cookie (top)

Cookie, one of our cats, came in yesterday, mid morning, looking rather the worse for wear.  He was sore, dirty, wet and bloody.  His brother, Biscuit, watched from the front porch, obviously shocked.  I immediately suspected a cat-fight.  Cookie is one of the most laid back cats I have known, the last one I would have expected to get into a fight.  My neighbour breeds cats and her calling queens tend to attract all the un-neutered Toms in the area.  I suspected one of these had mistakenly seen poor Cookie as a rival and sent him packing.  I fetched a carrying cage from the garage and put Cookie inside on some vet-bed.  Then I fetched the Rescue Remedy, which is excellent for treating shock in both humans and animals, and managed to get a small quantity into his mouth.  Next I made an appointment with the vet.  I had visions of Cookie with multiple bites to his neck and shoulder, operations, antibiotics and pain killers at the very least.  When we arrived, the vet and a nurse checked Cookie all over and could find no injury!

Her conclusion was that the blood on him was from the other cat!

Maybe Cookie had been the winner after all!

…  Anne