Hugo FlourfaceWhy do I feed raw? Simply because I have dogs and that’s what dogs eat!

Dogs are carnivores. Simple as.

Sure they can adapt to eating pretty much whatever (and will eat pretty much whatever, even if it’s bad for them! As shown by the picture of my friend’s dog Hugo (left) with the evidence all over his face that he ate a box of icing sugar, cardboard included) but that doesn’t mean they should settle for less.

Biology tells us so if nothing else!

dog teeth compared to cows teethCompare dogs teeth to those of a cow, Dogs have no flat teeth for grinding, they have teeth for chomping, and for ripping, and for crunching. But no flat teeth. Therefore they need a diet that matches their teeth. Pretty hard to chomp and tear and crunch through a tin of processed meat.  Even kibble requires grinding, and dogs do not have the capability for that.

Many people choose to use fruits and vegetables in their dog’s raw diet. But this is not strictly necessary as dogs do not produce amylase in their saliva. Amylase is the enzyme which breaks down starches and carbohydrates and sugars into simpler sugars. These are herbivorous traits, which a dog just does not share. Of course dogs can break down vegetables and fruits, but it’s not a necessary addition to their diet, which is biologically backed by their enzyme productions.

Instead, dogs have a higher concentrated stomach acid which breaks down animal proteins. Ever wonder why pooch retches in the morning before breakfast and brings up yellow sick? He’s got a tummy full of acid and a gallbladder full of bile just waiting to break down fat and protein and he’s asking you to feed him and feed him delicious meat.

I switched to raw feeding over a year ago and I have never regretted it, my dogs are healthier and happier and literally wolf their food down! Their weight has regulated, Honey whom I just could not keep weight on now is a good weight and Fin who was obese, due to his food obsessions and a doting owner is a tad underweight is anything but after all he is now an elderly dog. I wish I had fed raw decades ago!

Extracted from an article written by my friend KImmi.

…  Anne