Coprophagia or an abnormal appetite is commonly thought to be something lacking in the diet.  This is not true.  In most cases, an abnormal appetite (poo, grass, wood, soil) is a sign of a low grade, non-specific health disorder.  Grass eating in particular is a sign that the digestive system is under strain.  This can be caused by an unsuitable diet, overfeeding or possibly a food intolerance.

  • A poor quality diet or one which is not easily digested can alter the number and type of bacteria in the gut.  These can produce endotoxins which can lead to poor health.
  • Overfeeding reduces the digestibility of food.
  • A food allergy or intolerance can cause inflammatory or immune system reactions in the digestive system.  An extreme example of this is our rescued cavalier, Fin.
  • Too much protein and fat in the diet can cause a build-up of toxic waste in the body.
  • Unsuitable ingredients in dog foods eg preservatives, colourants, flavourings and emulsifiers can adversely affect the health of your dog.

…  Anne