You might find your cat’s litter tray less than attractive, but to your dog, the cat’s toilet can represent a delicious snack. It is important to discourage your dog from eating cat litter – this habit is dangerous as well as disgusting, particularly if your dog eats a significant quantity of clumping cat litter, he is at risk of dangerous intestinal blockage. Clumping litter swells considerable from its’ original volume when it comes into contact with liquids – this is how it clumps together cat poo and urine in the litter tray. In your dog’s intestinal tract, clumping litter can swell and cause a complete blockage. Surgery might be needed to remove the litter from your dog.

Fin ate a considerable amount of litter yesterday evening, when we were not looking and I was told by the emergency vet said there was no problem, just give him plenty to drink – which I did.  However this morning he was looking very sorry for himself and vomiting so I took him through for a check up.  He was given liquid paraffin to lubricate the exit of the litter, however, after vomiting a further 6 times, it was obvious that the liquid paraffin was not being given a chance to work, and an x-ray is scheduled to enable us to see the extent of the problem.  A decision then has to be made as to how well Fin is likely to recover, given all of his other problems.  We are awaiting the vet’s call.

…  Anne