Fin is now home from the vets having been stabilised following his ingestion of quite a large amount of cat litter the previous evening!  He was quite “flat” when he went to the vet, but when we picked him up looked quite perky by comparison.  We were very worried about him, thinking he may have had a blockage caused by the cat litter swelling inside him, but fortunately the x-ray showed that the litter had moved down to his large colon so he will probably pass that today, aided by a dose of liquid paraffin.  He has some tablets so stop him vomiting, an antacid liquid to line his stomach and some electrolytes to rehydrate him.  He had a very tiny meal of tuna last night, with electrolyte mixed in, which he demolished in 5 seconds, then asked for more!  We have given him his normal medications, plus the anti emetic this morning – he will have the antacid 1 hour after, then an hour after that he will get his breakfast, Burns Fish and Rice, moistened thoroughly with electrolyte solution.

Let’s hope he has learned his lesson, but being a cavalier, probably not!  If anyone has any suggestions as to how we can allow the house cats access to their litter without the spaniels getting in, when they come into the lounge in the evenings, please feel free to comment.  Just for the record, the litter was CLEAN – I always clean it before the dogs come in, to reduce temptation!

…  Anne