Whisper has always been the baby of our cat family, sleeping in the house, suckling on my ear at every opportunity and palling around with his “uncles”.  He had started going into the cat’s shed and sampling their biscuits when John fed the Boys, but he always came back in for his dinner.  Yesterday he decided to stay out!  He was tucking into Dinner with the Big Boys and didn’t want to leave, so that is where he stayed – all night.  We let the Boys out of their pen first thing this morning and Whisper shot out like a cork out of a bottle, ready for the day’s adventures.  I fully expected him to climb up to suckle on my ear, but No! He’s a Big Cat now! So off he went with his “uncles”. (Thank Goodness).

No doubt, from time to time he will seek out his home comforts, but that’s OK. None of us grew up overnight!

…  Anne