Whisper is settling in well at Heronbank.  He has a crate to keep him safe, with a bed, food and drink, toys and a hooded litter tray.  He is eating well, both moist food and Burns Duck and Rice for kittens (available at Heronbank).  I swear he gets bigger every day!  He enjoys cuddles and will roll over for tummy tickles and is learning to purr.  He has met most of the Heronbank pack from the safety of his crate and is getting more confident.

He is litter trained now and loves digging in the deep litter tray.  He only had one accident, which I placed in the litter tray, and he got the idea!  The hooded litter tray has the advantage of providing him with a high vantage point from which to view the dogs!

He also loves his scratching post.  Ok – it’s pink – but he doesn’t care!

His 2 brothers are waiting for new homes.  Tabby and white “Charlie” and black “Midnight”.  Their mother was sadly shot when they were around 6 weeks old and were fortunate to be found by the owners of the barn who took them to Farplace Animal Rescue where they are being cared for by Jan.  They are learning that not all humans are bad, and how to be domestic kittens.

Donations towards their care can be made direct to Farplace.

…  Anne