We have set up “Whelping Cam” next to the chair where Cyda will have her puppies so you can watch the action “live”.  This is only a temporary position of course, as when her babies are born, she, and they will be moving into the dog room maternity suite, so she can bond with her new babies in peace and quiet. ivermectina 2 tabletas precio farmacia guadalajara  The other dogs will then sleep in the kitchen for a few weeks until the puppies are old enough to socialise, and their mum is prepared to let the other members of the pack meet them properly. efeitos colaterais ivermectina na pele

Those wishing to follow events as they unfold are advised to let us have their contact details and we will let you know when things start to happen. ivermectin cream grams

Cyda has just been tucking in to her breakfast, so whelping is unlikely for a few hours at least! – but who knows, our first bitch, Bryony would often share a bacon butty with me, whilst she was whelping!

…  Anne