molly1kittensmolly2We got a call from our vet nurse, Emma, yesterday, just after lunch, to say that there had been an abandoned cat found, with her kittens, in a garden, and could we help. As we have a spare cat-proof pen, now that we have moved our boys into the large pen, we could!  The vet’s nurse arranged for them to be brought to the Mirfield surgery where we collected them, just before tea time. Their rescuers, an elderly couple have said that they would like to give the mother cat a home, and would like to call her Molly.

molly1Molly is a beautiful long haired cat, white with grey/brown markings. دمنو Her kittens are all very much like their mum. كازينو 777 They are a bit hissy-spitty at the moment, but with handling will become as sweet and loving as their mum. We left mum with food, water, cat milk and a bed and litter tray and left her to settle in. او نو We looked in on them before bedtime, put the kittens back into their bed, checked their food supply, and left them for the night.

…  Anne