Whisper - rescued at 3 weeks old after his mother was found shot dead and adopted by us.Two of our cats have become ill recently with urine infections. Felix was very bad and we decided it would be kinder to put him to sleep at his age. Then Whisper went down with the same symptoms today. He wasn’t as bad as Felix and once on the vets table he stood up and started sucking my ear. That really cracked our vet up! Whisper is currently in the vets undergoing catheterisation under anaesthetic followed by tests to discover whether it is stones or crystals.

This has prompted me to do a little research into urinary problems in cats, having kept cats for 40+ years, I am fortunate not to have come across this before. Apparently there are a number of factors to consider:

  1. Some cats do not like drinking from plastic dishesHave several dishes throughout the home, so water is readily available.
  2. Wash the dishes daily and rinse well. 
  3. Make “soup” for your cat. Take your cat’s favourite tinned food and mix with an equal amount of hot water water. Mix well. 
  4. If your cat doesn’t like canned cat food, add a small amount of water to a small amount of the dry food, let it soak, and then offer to your cat.
  5. If your cat likes catmilk, add a small amount to several tablespoons of water to flavour the water.
  6. Add some ice cubes to your cats food or next to your cats food in order for your cat to lick them and take more water.
  7. Put your cat up on the sink and see if your cat likes tap water. Running water is sometimes better than standing water! If your cat likes running water, a water fountain might encourage them to drink more.

We have already tried the “soup” idea and it seemed to go down well and I rather think we will be investing in a water fountain.

…  Anne