I recently discovered that our friend Nick, who created this wonderful website is also able to convert old videos to DVD’s.  What a clever man he is!!!

Bubbles and puppies

Bubbles and puppies

I remember decades ago taking some footage of one of our bitches actually giving birth (well, John took the video whilst I was assisting at the business end of things).  I thought that might be useful and give an insight into what to expect – and what you need to do – should the occasion ever arise!

Also, in the days when we were doing puppy rescue we took some video of me bottle-feeding a litter of abandoned puppies.  This was done 2-3 hourly 24/7 for at least 3 weeks!  Essential if the puppies are to survive – also useful in the case of a large litter – feed the bigger puppies by bottle during the day, leaving the smaller ones with Mum and return all the puppies to her at night-time.

It’s all very educational stuff, so you might get to see it at some time!

In the mean time, why not dig out your old holiday videos or those irreplaceable moments when the kids were small, and get it put onto a CD?!

Here’s the link to Nick’s Website.

…  Anne