Skully, Cyda & Fin in their new bed

Skully, Cyda & Fin in their new bed

We took the opportunity to go out together yesterday for a few hours.  We made sure the dogs had plenty of water and food in the dog-room and the kitchen.

After an initial objection to being left behind, you would have thought that they’d have all settled down in their new dog-bed and slept.  That’s what dogs normally do – Right?

Not so!  We got home to find that the baby-gate had been pulled over – Why?  It was left open!

Not only had it been pulled over, but it had landed in their water dish, a yard away, flooding the dog-room!

Fortunately the water and food dishes in the kitchen were intact.

What they were playing at, I really don’t know, but they are going to have to get used to the idea that we can go out and leave them occasionally.  Life’s a bitch!

…  Anne