A pregnant cat and her offspring, over a 5 year period

can produce 25,000 (unwanted) kittens.

Feral Cats are a valuable resource for rodent control but they do need their numbers controlling.

molly1kittensFeral and semi-feral cats can be neutered, wormed and de flea’d. They can then be returned to the area they came from providing there is someone who will feed them. This will prevent an increase in the population and also will keep neighbouring ferals out and limit the spread of feline sexually transmitted diseases.

Ferals are excellent at keeping the local rodent population down, so if you have a problem with rats or mice, or have a smallholding, stables, kennels, or factory etc which would take a small group of neutered ferals to control the vermin please let us know. All they require is shelter, food and water.

We will trap, neuter and release local ferals in Batley, Dewsbury and the surrounding areas.

Please contact us for more information. 

…  Anne