I was interested to recently read the view on Vaccination from Holistic Vet, John Burns BVMS MRCVS, who developed Burns Pet Nutrition which I feed to all my dogs and cats.

Rescued puppyMany pet owners who are interested in holistic medicine or who are concerned about using drugs and chemicals on their pets are reluctant to have their pets vaccinated. In theory if a pet has the correct diet and lifestyle it will be naturally resistant to disease
and therefore need not be vaccinated. However, theories do not always work in practice. My policy is that a puppy/kitten
should be vaccinated by conventional methods in the usual way. Distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis are too dangerous to be treated lightly and I do not have sufficient confidence in Homeopathic vaccination.
Cyda's pups enjoy their first carrotsThe question of booster vaccination is much more emotive and controversial. Current veterinary advice is that dogs and cats should have annual booster vaccinations. This is backed by the advice of vaccine manufacturers and one expects the suppliers of medicinal
products to supply accurate advice on the use of their products.
In the USA and in the UK some veterinary practitioners now recommend distemper vaccination every three years with an annual parvovirus and leptospirosis booster. Many years ago I stopped recommending annual booster vaccinations. I believe they are unnecessary and may be harmful in that they may over-stimulate the immune system. This is only my opinion, which I am unable to back with solid evidence but I am sure many dogs with skin disease suffer flare-ups after being given boosters.

Carys and Winston with pups

Carys and Winston with pups

Also, I do not recall a single case where a dog which was vaccinated as a puppy but had no boosters ever caught distemper
or parvovirus.
Vaccine manufacturers argue that there are variations in the effectiveness of immunisation and an occasional animal may not be fully protected. This is probably correct but for me this does not justify wholesale repeat vaccinations of already immunised pets.
My view is a personal one which is not shared by most vets in practice. Circumstance may vary by country and even region so it is probably wise to seek the view of your own vet on this complex and highly charged subject.

Those of us who use Boarding Kennels and the like when we take a holiday, find it necessary to produce a certificate of vaccination when boarding their pets.  Some will accept Homoeopathic vaccinations – personally I have total faith in these vaccines which I have used for over a decade, obtainable from  Charles Barrett, Homoeopathist.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal choice and whichever method you feel is safest and most effective for your pet.

…  Anne