I live with my girlfriend but have recently started a new job (out of necessity) in which I work abroad on a rotation basis doing roughly 4 weeks away then 4 weeks on leave. We have tried for a few rotations but unfortunately my girlfriend cannot handle the American Bulldogs, they are too big and strong for her to confidently walk. They (the American Bulldogs) have been staying with my brother who has been looking after them on my behalf when I am away but he is no longer be able to do this for me as he joins the army next month and so I need to find new homes for them before the end of September. I am therefore very reluctantly having to look to rehome the 2 American Bulldogs with some urgency. I have tried the usual places such as Dogs Trust, the local RSPCA centre and Bullies in Need as well as a couple of local places but to no avail. There is no way I am taking them to the local council run kennel as I couldnt live with myself knowing they were euthanised because of me so am having to look further affield. I have attached a few of photographs for you to see and put a face to the names and descriptions given below.

Cass is an all white male American Bulldog approximately 5 and a half years old. He is currently intact, however I am getting him neutered when I return from work in approximately 3 weeks time. Cass is absolutely brilliant with people, he really does love them, especially young children – not that I would leave any dog unsupervised but the only risk he would pose is he might squash them trying to get a cuddle. He is generally OK with other dogs as long as the other dog doesn’t startle him or act aggressively towards him but he can pull towards them should this happen. Cass is a very healthy dog with no known pre-existing medical conditions, though I have never had him hip-scored or similar as I have never intended to use him for breeding. The only thing worth noting is that he has a very sensitive stomach and so is best fed dry food for sensitive stomachs. He is very active and so would do well in a home where he would get lots of exercise and where he would be the centre of attention, such as one with older children.

Tito is a predominantly white American Bulldog with a number of brown patches and is approximately 4 and a half years old. He can be nervous towards other strange dogs and is often startled by loud noises, particularly fireworks. He is however very loving towards people he knows and is particularly fond of women, but he can show protective tendencies towards his ‘family’. With regards his health, he has been diagnosed since puppyhood with having elbow dysplacia. It only appears to be his back right leg that causes any discomfort. This ‘clicks’ a lot and as a result he can sometimes be slow to sit or stand and in particularly cold weather or after particularly long or fast walks this leg can be sore for him. I just add a little cod liver oil into his meals as suggested by the vet and have so far never had any real problems. Tito, unlike Cass, is quite a lazy dog who, what with his joints, would do best in a home that is not overly active, he would not be able to accompany someone on a run for example and would also not object to missing the occasional walk, in fact he would probably relish the rest. As he can be nervous he would probably be best going in a home with no young children.

Both dogs would require introductions with other dogs before accepting them. Generally neither dogs actively go looking for fights or behave aggressively each time they see another dog, but they are wary of them and watch them closely. Should the other dog harass them or if it were startle them or act aggressively / dominantly towards them though then they would not consider running away and it is here that problems can arise owing to their size and strength.  I can walk my 2 x American Bulldogs on their leads. If another dog approaches, I move mine to the side of the path and make them sit down so the other owner can get past without confrontation.

Both dogs are fully vaccinated, microchipped and currently insured with PetPlan. I have them both on James Wellbeloved turkey and rice dry food at present, though they have been fed on Royal Canin Sensible in the past with no stomach upsets ensuing. Both dogs know the basic commands of sit, down, stay and paw, though I would be lying if I said they performed these all immediately and perfectly every time – sometimes they need a bit of persuasion with food or a toy. I always follow the basic rules with them such as leaving and entering the house before them, making them sit and wait until I release them to eat their meals, not allowing them on the sofa or upstairs etc. I have never known them show possessive aggression over food or toys to anybody in my house or towards friends, although Tito does occasionally do this to the other dogs. I can quite safely put my hand in their food bowls during meals or take toys off them for example. They are walked at least twice a day, generally for around 30 – 45 minutes each with a shorter third walk around midday. Although they live together and could be rehomed as a pair I actually think that they would be best rehomed separately in homes with no other dogs. With careful introductions they would be able to go with other dogs but I think both would prefer to be alone and the centre of attention. They tend to respond better to strange dogs out on walks when they are alone, without the other being there as they tend to compete for attention.

I will be genuinely sorry and really upset to see them go, it will break my heart, but due to work requirements I am no longer able to provide them the lifestyle that they need and deserve. I am only too aware of the current Bull Breed Crisis that is affecting our Country and am deeply embarrassed to be adding to the issue. I would happily cover any food and vets fees that may be associated with taking them until a permanent home is found if required, my principal concern is finding them a suitable, safe home. Do you think this is something that you or somebody you know would be able to assist with?

…  Andrew

If you can help with fostering or adopting one of these dogs, please contact Jan at Farplace