Piglet and Donna

Piglet and Donna

I asked Cousin Donna for an update on Ronnie the Piglet.

See http://www.heronbank.co.uk/2011/05/rescued-piglet/

Here’s what she said …

When Ronnie was 3 weeks old, his foster mum J took him out to her parent’s farm. Ronnie had a place to sleep downstairs in the house and spent his day following J’s father around. When Mr. L was in his office, Ronnie has a dog bed, bought especially for him, where he rooted around and slept. J wanted to bring him back to Red Deer the following weekend but was told the farm house was a much better place for him. I teased her that she was having ‘custody issues’ but I was glad to hear that she had ‘full visiting rights’. He now weighs 12 lbs.and there is a place for him in the barn but he hasn’t moved into it yet. He loves people but will only snuggle with J, his heroin and mom. Rob and I plan to stop in for a visit on our way to see our son Christopher this summer.

…  Anne