Drummer went to stay with Nick last week-end.  Here is an update.

Sox and Grandpa Rufus

Baby Sox and Grandpa Rufus

Pleased to report he’s settling in well and the pack is becoming established.  Yesterday he tried to steal some food from Rufus who very promptly put him in his place.  This morning I heard my first growl from Sox (!) as he stood over Drummer who was laying on his back in a submissive position.

Drummer’s keen to play and Sox is busting to join in, but can’t quite bring himself to do it yet!




We’ve also found that using the “V” bit of the “Y” lead we can join Drummer and Rufus together.  Rufus is slow and stubborn (too slow and could do with the exercise!) – but will do as he’s told  Drummer is fast and lively and doesn’t understand commands yet – but is learning!  So by joining them together, Rufus gets a work out as Drummer encourages him to move a bit more quickly, and Drummer gets a work out, pulling him along – but also he won’t go too far because if Rufus decides he’s not going (or we call him back) – then there’s no shifting him – the great lump!

We’re learning “sit” at the moment, both for treats and for going on the lead – it’s a gradual process, but he’s getting it!

When I first let him out of the crate in the morning, he loves to rub the back of his ears on a certain piece of carpet.  Because it’s always the same place, I get the impression this is about scent marking.  I’ve also noticed he really loves a scratch behind his ears – that seems to be his soft spot.

…  Nick