Andrews pups were born a full week early, which is equivalent to a month early for a human baby – minus the technology that keeps many premature babies alive.  Out of 8 babies delivered, two were born dead, two more died very soon afterwards and since then another 2 have died.  This is not due to any neglect on the part of Hanaland Cavaliers, who have them under a heat lamp, and are supplementary feeding them with Whelpi, a substitute bitch’s milk, from a syringe with a teat on. العاب خيول عبر الانترنت  The 2 surviving puppies, a boy and a girl are fighting to stay alive.  Puppies who are born prematurely often cannot suck and swallow properly and their lungs and internal organs are not fully developed.  It is an uphill fight.  Both pups are responding well and are quite active. Once the puppies have stabilized they will be returned to their original whelping area and they will be viewable once again on the Hanaland web cam, but until then they remain in Andrew’s intensive care area where he can supervise them 24 hrs a day. لعبة الطاولة اون لاين

Good luck Andrew, we know what it is like.  It is heart-breaking to watch your puppies die one by one despite your best efforts to save them, but every day is a bonus. بث مباشر ٣٦٥

…  Anne