1. Provide a den or covered area where your pet can feel safe.
  2. Plug in an Adaptil or Feliway diffuser close to the den.
  3. Ignore fearful behaviour eg trembling, panting, whining etc as reassuring them often makes the problem worse.
  4. Walk your dog whilst it is still light outside, before the fireworks start.
  5. Ensure all doors, windows, gates etc are securely closed to prevent escapes.
  6. Provide extra litter trays for cats.
  7. Draw the curtains and put on the TV/Radio.
  8. Do not try to drag your pet from his den, or punish him – this will make matters worse.
  9. Try not to leave your pet alone – they may hurt themselves.
  10. Be prepared to walk your dogs very very late, after all the fireworks have completely stopped, or get up very early in the morning.
…  Anne