pups 9 weeksIdeally, toilet training should begin with the breeder, and needs to be continued when you get home.  I always place tiny puppies on newspaper whilst I clean out their bed (several times a day). The action of waking them up stimulates them to pee and the feel of newspaper beneath them will become associated with the action.

Choose a waterproof floor area for your puppy to have his bed and cover the floor with newspaper.  On waking, after feeding, after playtime and before bed, carry puppy outside and stay with him until he has performed, using a word which he will associate with toileting for the rest of his life.  Choose a word which will not be associated with anything else eg “toilet”, “perform”, “be clean” etc. Praise him like crazy when he performs outside and ignore any mistakes inside, just quietly clean up and say nothing. Once you have established a pattern, you have cracked it!

Gradually, when the puppy is more reliable at going towards the door, you can put newspaper just in that area.  When he moves towards the door, open it and take him out.  When you learn to “read” your puppy’s body language and you’ll be nearly there!  The more effort you put into toilet training at a young age, the quicker he will learn.

NEVER SCOLD a puppy for his mistakes, this will make him confused and he will pee in “secret” places.

…  Anne