We now just have 2 pedigree cavalier puppies left, both spoken for but not yet gone to their new homes, (the ruby boy in the picture left yesterday) so I thought I would do some toilet training with them.  Devotees of our webcam will have noticed the bare tiled floor instead of the newspaper.  The reason for this is that I am trying to encourage them to walk across to the toilet pad and newspaper at the exit end of their pen.  This works about 60% of the time, but they will get better at it and seem to “go” when they feel the paper or pad beneath their feet.

They are going longer between sleeps, and feeding, and as their bladders grow, so do the puddles, but that is what puppies do!  Sleep, play, eat, pee and poo!  …  Not necessarily in that order!

When they do it in the right place, praise them warmly, and when they miss, ignore it and get on and clean it up, being sure to disinfect with mild disinfectant, to remove all traces of the scent, so hopefully they won’t “go” there again.

Good luck with your puppy toilet training!

By the way, there is a pee-stick you can get at leading pet stores to encourage puppies to “go” in the right place outside.  Remember to open this outside as it smells quite strongly of urine!

…  Anne