springer2We now have some details on the Springer Spaniel in need of a new home.  Toby is 10 years old, micro-chipped and castrated but has not been vaccinated since a puppy. He has arthritis, but isn’t currently receiving any treatment for it.  He loves country walks but is nervous around crowds and traffic.  He has never been taught to behave well around children and he once nipped a 2 year old child who was too close and in his face.  He is now locked away when the family come to stay which is such a shame.  With a little effort, he could have been taught to interact safely with children – and the training is for the children as much as for Toby, his painful arthritis could be being treated, and he could have been socialised in different situations, making him more confident.

South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue have said they will take him after the bank holiday.  They will assess him fully and get his vaccinations up to date before re-homing him.

…  Anne