Toby, my sisters dog has come to stay for a couple of weeks and it is remarkable how the Pack Dynamics have changed.  Scamp has shown his more assertive side and Toby, although he has been here numerous times, is happy to take his role at the bottom of the pack order.  Even Fin has livened up and everyone was keen to get up and go out this morning.

Having said that, they all settled down in the dog room last night and gave us no trouble overnight.

With Skully in season, and Cyda due to follow her, we have our hands full, and no doubt we’ll be playing “musical dogs” very soon, but for now everyone is ok.  Fortunately all the boys are castrated, so there won’t be any accidents!!!  The girls will be going out in the pen, daytime, (see our Kennels Camera) so hopefully we can keep any male rivalry under control.

…  Anne