Smudge came into Heronbank’s care in early November, having been found living rough, starving and looking very pregnant, by our friend Katie. During a period spent in our storeroom upstairs which served to quarantine her, she was given homoeopathic vaccine and wormer, and an unlimited supply of good food.  She was scared, but underneath we could tell she was a very friendly cat.  She was monitored on our KittyCam 24/7.

As soon as it was realised that she was not in fact pregnant (phew!) she was allowed onto the stairs where she could begin to meet our other animals. We decided to adopt her and integrate her into the Heronbank Family.  At this point we changed her name to Tiffany.  Eventually she made her way through to the hallway and began exploring the lounge, where she has chosen to stay.  She is not aggressive with the other animals, but leaves them in no doubt that she wants her own space – Fair enough!

She has turned into a cushion, and is quite happy to sit on a knee or the back of the chair, looking outside, but is not really bothered about going out.  She doesn’t really like her feet touching, which can be a problem if she gets a claw caught in something, but she has never bitten or scratched.  All in all, she is a lovely little cat.

…  Anne