Cyda - sitCyda used to be the Alpha Bitch, being the only breeding bitch for a number of years. fox ivermectin hot dog She was not happy when Honey was elevated to that status and has been quite aggressive towards Honey.

Honey on the other hand, having babies was very protective of them at first, however, she is now very subservient to Cyda, almost expecting to be put in her place.

honeys pups at 10 days oldCyda is also being mean with Honey’s puppies, growling and barking.

There is of course a baby gate firmly in place between them but I do not want the babies to be afraid of other dogs. ivermectin or afrin for rosacea

I have called in my friend Katie who is a behaviourist. She will be able to advise on the best course of action to correct this behaviour. ivermectin and permethrin

…  Anne