We were privileged yesterday to visit Farplace Animal Rescue in Weardale.  The tiny bundle of fur, which was Maggie, had the odds so stacked against her when she was found and taken to Farplace, that it is indeed a miracle she survived.  She had every type of parasite, from fleas and ticks, to several different types of worms.  She also had multiple fractures to her leg.

During the time taken to nurse Maggie back to health, and it was touch and go for a long time, she became so tame that she is sadly unable to be rehabilitated to live a natural life in the wild.  Instead Maggie stays in a day-pen at Farplace with a squirrel in the next pen for entertainment and bird feeders outside the window to amuse her.  At night, she goes home with her carer.  She goes for walks on a double harness and is curious about everything.  She is being introduced to as many different people as possible, so that one day she can be used in an education program for youngsters, who are the adults of the future, and need to learn about protecting and caring for animals, domestic and wild.

…  Anne