The Joys of Puppy Care

A word to all those who think that looking after cute and cuddly, squeaky, wriggly, adorable little puppies is a breeze. Forget it!  Cyda’s appetite has shot through the roof, and she is having 4 to 5 meals a day.  Mind you, she won’t eat it from the dish.  Oh no – she needs the dish holding and likes feeding by hand – mind you, this is the only occasion I will hand-feed unless a dog is ill.  Cheese and milk this morning, then a huge dish of Burns, soaked, with a large handful of mince added.  She is looking forward to lamb for tea and eggy bread for supper.  Where she puts it all I’ll never know.  Then drinking – well she gets a fair bit of liquid with her feed, but likes to wash it down with a good drink of water.  Mind you, the dish has to be held again and she likes my hand to be cupped inside the dish.  Not that she’s spoiled mind!!!

Then there’s the puppy washing – not the puppies, the blankets.  The vet-bed is changed 4 times a day at the moment – we can’t have the little darlings getting smelly can we!  That’s 2 loads of washing per day, then there’s the drying – in this weather?!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore them all dearly and love this time of their lives, but just for those of you who thought that it was easy.  Wake up and smell the puppies!!!

…  Anne