Manny and Toby

Manny and Toby

I was telling my sister about Skully bringing in a dead bird the other day.

She reminded me of the day Manny ate a mouse!  Her cat, Geraldine had been hunting and had brought a live mouse home which she proudly deposited in the hall, at Manny‘s feet.  This was before Janet had Toby. احدث مباريات المصارعة

Janet quickly closed the door to the kitchen to contain the mouse. betfinal  Before she had chance to do anything else, Manny grabbed the mouse.  She could tell by the look on his face that the mouse was wriggling around inside his mouth.

He was unwilling to give up the mouse.   The only alternative left to him was to swallow the mouse whole.  This he did!

He actually had no ill effects from the experience – unlike the mouse! العابكلب

…  Anne