Yesterday’s fireworks thankfully, are over – let’s hope they don’t go on for much longer!  I must say the Zylkene did help  Spirit was not as bad as she has been in the past, and apart from a few “woofs” the spaniels were very good.  I started the treatment about a month ago and will continue for a few days more.

I know that it is traditional to celebrate the Gunpowder Plot – or is it the fact that it failed?!  Or has the tradition been forgotten over the years? Whichever way, I think one night a year is more than enough.  Nowadays fireworks seem to celebrate weddings, new year, religious occasions, any excuse really, and fireworks are not cheap!  Money up in smoke, one might say!

Spare a thought for the many domestic and wild animals who are terrified of the noise and unexplained flashes in the sky.

…  Anne