Here are some Testimonials from Satisfied Clients.


Our “Adie Adventure” started in May when I called Anne to ask if she had a little ruby girl for sale and the rest is history. Adie is the first dog I’ve ever owned so I knew I’d need some guidance and help and that’s exactly what I’ve had from Anne and John from day one. In fact we’ve been in touch several times in the past few weeks as Adie came into her first season at six months. Anne has allayed many fears and it’s been great to be able to ask someone who knows! Adie is a beautiful, good-natured, happy dog and as far as I’m concerned that’s entirely down to good breeding, love and attention from day one. Buying Adie has been a fantastic experience and I would say to anyone thinking about buying a new dog from Anne and John that it’s not just a new dog you will gain but also two safe pair of hands to turn to when you need them. 
…  Julie H

Phoebe is proud to announce the safe delivery of her three girls and one boy. Your quality of care and guidance is second to none, mum and puppies all doing well and I’m finally getting some sleep.  Thank you again”

… Sue T

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your being there for me and Suzie day and night. I knew I could rely on your help and support. Thank God I chose to mate Suzie at Heronbank. You are both very honest loving and caring people. I know my little dog was in the safest hands.. Thank you again”

… Carol B

‘Heronbank Cavaliers are excellent examples of a truly fantastic breed.



We have now had three Pedigree Cavaliers from Anne and John and in these dogs we have had loyal friends with great temperaments, and have often been complimented on them when out and about and when people have visited our family. Anne and John are very helpful when you are looking for a puppy, and then hugely supportive and great with advice even after you have taken them home. I would highly recommend Heronbank Cavaliers to anyone who wants a Pedigree Cavalier to join their family, particularly in this day and age when sadly you don’t always know who to trust as decent breeders when looking for a puppy’.

… Susan & Jared D


After many months searching for my perfect ruby cavalier – good health and temperament were my main priority – I was confident I had found the right breeder with Heronbank.



After speaking to Anne I was reassured that these issues are close to her heart.  We had many conversations to reassure me that was also making the right desision in choosing to get a new puppy for companionship for my one year old blenheim bitch.  A year on I still remain in contact with Anne at Heronbank, who has been a good source of support and is knowledgable about all the little questions you have about your new puppy from training to best flea treatment.

…  Cerys D

My wife and I have known Anne and John since 2004.



We were first introduced to “Heronbank”  when we mated our own little girl, Millie,” Loyal Little Lady” to” Heronbank Mannanan Beg“.

Having produced such magnificent puppies we decided to buy our first ruby girl from “Heronbank”.  “Heronbank Little Cracker” went on to produce some beautiful puppies of her own.



So impressed were we with her, we went on to purchase our little black and tan girl “Heronbank Harvest Rose“.  Anne and John have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cavaliers.

They have advised us and helped us from mating and whelping through to the sale of puppies.  Anne and John, “Thank You”  for all your help and advice.

…  Andrew & Jan C

Hanaland Cavaliers


Some time ago we purchased a wonderful Pedigree Ruby Cavalier from Heronbank.  “Dylan” is the most lovable and happy dog we have ever owned.  He is 11 years old now and has been one of the greatest joys of our lives.  We can’t thank the Fairless family enough for their continued support over the years.  They have never hesitated to give advice when needed or do research when asked.  You will not find  better Pedigree Cavaliers, or more knowledgable and responsible breeders, anywhere.  They genuinely care about the well being of their dogs and the continued support of the folks who ‘adopt’ them.  We are so grateful to Anne and John for entrusting us with the care of one of their lovely dogs and will certainly not hesitate to add another to our family in the future.  Thank you Heronbank Cavaliers!

…  Therese H.
Savoy, Massachusetts

Carys and Winston with pups

Carys and Winston with pups

I first met Anne and John when I contacted them  after we had sadly lost our old cavalier in 2005, we were not looking for a puppy at that point but an older cavalier.  We were delighted when Anne mentioned Carys, a dear middle aged blehiem girl who was being retired from breeding.  As soon as I met Carys, I knew she was the one for us, she was such a character, larger that average and a little on the plump side due to her enjoying her food. Her tail never stopped wagging and her snoring be it when she was a wake or asleep was another dear quality of hers.  She was well socialised and was so laid back she was a pleasure to meet and a credit to Heronbank.

Anne and John let me take Carys home with me on that day on the understanding that if there were any problems then they would be on the end of the phone.   Carys was always a talking point out on a walk she loved to meet new people and always went to say hello.  With regular updates and photos of Carys I stayed in contact with Anne and John and when a second retired girl became available we jumped at the chance.



Amber joined us in 2007.  She was a very pretty ruby cavalier who was in fact Carys’ neice, she again had been brought up very well and was a well socialised and very happy girl she too loved to meet people and children, I used to take Amber to work with me where she loved to meet all the students and loved going for walks with them.  Amber had a superb nature and the qualites of a Pets as Therapy dog.Both of my retired girls have now gone “over the rainbow bridge” and there is not a day goes by without us missing them they filled our lives with so much joy and they both gave so much.We cannot thank Anne and John enough for giving us the opportunity to give a retirement home to these girls and we are so glad that we came across their website and contacted them when we did.They gave us then, and still do to this day, friendship and support and they are always  happy to answer and advise us on any doggy problem we face.  Their experience and knowledge of the cavalier breed is second to none and would not think twice about offering another retiring girl a home should one become available ….  Jemima H


step in

Step in

Heronbank Cavaliers first crossed paths with Step-In-Pet-Services some years ago on recommendation from Donaldson & Partners Veterinary Surgeons.

On arriving and meeting Anne and John Fairless and their fur kids I got a very warm welcome.  Not only was I greeted by themselves but their fur family too – which resulted in myself doing Kennel Duty Care whilst the two leggeds took a well earned break.  After that I carried on dog walking, puppy  duty and feeding the kittys at their new home in Batley.

I have found Anne and John lovely people to work for and of course are very good friends now.

With Heronbank Cavaliers, like myself animal welfare comes first.  Their fur kids are a pleasure to be around and are always in great spirits and fab condition. I would recommend Anne and John to anyone who wants a Pedigree Cavalier Puppy, your baby will have had the best start in life and Grandma and Grandad Fairless will be at the end of phone line 24/7 should you have any worries with your new addition.

Kate – Step In Pet Services