Tess’ pups are now a week old.  They have now doubled their birth weight and are becoming more and more active as the days go on.  It won’t be long now before their eyes open. موقع باى بال

Tess is now happy to leave them for slightly longer periods of time and its quite strange that she wraps them up in the blue blanket before she comes out of the pen.

On Saturday, the pups were visited by Poppy who sat in with the pups and looked at us as if to say “Aren’t my puppies wonderful”  Needless to say Tess was not impressed when she came back in!

Tess’ appetite continues to be huge.

We are hoping to have them Kennel Club Registered in the next week or so.  The ruby is going to be called Hanaland Simply Red, the black and tan is going to be called Hanaland Little Guinness.