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Dec 23

A Treat for Wild Birds this Christmas

When you make your stuffing for the turkey, save the outside of the loaf, intact, and fill it with the cooked turkey skin, leftovers, peanuts, seeds etc, all mixed together. Put this on your bird-table

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Jun 22

Keep Cats in at Night to Save Wild Birds

The simplest way of making a difference is to keep your pet in at night when the hunting instinct peaks. Restricting night-time activity not only reduces hunting, it might also reduce the incidence of unwanted litters. In turn, this will prevent quite so many domestic cats contributing to the feral population, which poses a greater threat to wildlife.

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Dec 26

Sammy Sparrow says “Thank You”

Sammy Sparrow and his friends just want to say thank-you for buying nest-boxes and bird-tables over Christmas. …  Anne

Nov 16

Fieldhead Community Garden

A Local Gardening Club is planning to transform a patch of unused land into a Garden for the Community.  The land, behind Branwell Avenue in Fieldhead,  has been cleared to make way for the Garden, designed by the pupils of Fieldhead Junior, Infant and Nursery School. The project is being carried out in partnership with Organised Chaos, a voluntary outdoor …

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Oct 28

Christmas Gifts to help Wildlife

If anyone needs an inexpensive Christmas gift option which will give endless hours of pleasure and entertainment as well as helping our native wildlife, consider the following … .     Bird feeders. Bird tables. Nestboxes. Why not suggest that your family gives you one or more of these useful and delightful gifts for Christmas.  They will not only be helping …

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Sep 16

Feed Your Garden Birds this Winter – New Website

We all like to help our garden birds, particularly in a bad winter. A friend of mine, Phil Rosindale, has just got a new website for bird-tables, bird food, nest boxes, garden furniture and pretty well anything related to enjoying your garden. Check it out at Rosindales. …  Anne