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Nov 05

Settling your new puppy into your home.

Be prepared for broken sleep over the first few nights. React calmly but firmly when settling him down. Close the door and wait to see if puppy settles. If not return to him with the same calm attitude, settle him down again and leave the room. This may need to be repeated, but the intervals of quiet should get longer until puppy realises he is getting no-where and goes to sleep. At this point you can quietly return to bed for a well earned rest.

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Feb 02

Puppy Socialisation and Training

Socialisation is an important part of puppyhood. They can be taken out immediately to homes where fully vaccinated dogs are, they can also be taken out in public but will have to be carried until 2 weeks after their second vaccination.

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Jan 01

Settling your new puppy into your home.

Honey’s puppies are reserved, apart from one gorgeous little blenheim boy with a thumbspot right in the middle of his head, and I am sure it won’t be long before he finds his new home. They will be booked in for their first vaccination and microchipping on 31 January 2015. They will then be going to their new homes in the following week, but just how do you settle in your new arrival?

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May 20

Testimonial from a satisfied client.

We have now had three Pedigree Cavaliers from Anne and John and in these dogs we have had loyal friends with great temperaments, and have often been complimented on them when out and about and when people have visited our family.

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Apr 15

Ask Anne … Q & A … Introducing a new puppy

We currently have one beautiful 5 year old male King Charles Cavalier and recently decided to bring home an 11 week old King Charles Cavalier female (Black and Tan).

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Apr 08

“Adie Adventure” – Testimonial from a satisfied client.

Anne has allayed many fears and it’s been great to be able to ask someone who knows! Adie is a beautiful, good-natured, happy dog and as far as I’m concerned that’s entirely down to good breeding, love and attention from day one.

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Apr 07

Marley’s Exciting day!

Marley is off to the vets this morning to have his stitches out following his castration.
He then has a visitor arriving at 11am!
One of our clients who had one of Cyda’s puppies from us wants a brother for Barney.

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Mar 24

Rosie – Settling in

She has found the window and likes to sit on the window ledge or on the stairs where she can see outside.

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Jan 18

Hettie finding her place in the pack

Hettie has been accepted pretty well by the other members of the pack and is settling in well.

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Jan 16

Honey’s Puppies Leave Home

4 of Honey’s puppies have now left home. They are all living locally, so we are looking forwards to updates about them as they settle into their new homes.

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