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Feb 06

Settling a new puppy or adult into your home

Just how do you settle a new puppy, or an older dog for that matter into his new home? This can be very stressful for them and you!

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Nov 09

The Miracle of Life – Video

The ever-resourceful Nick from Urban Haze managed to record much of Cyda’s second litter as they were being born. I never cease to marvel in the miracle of life.

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Nov 05

Settling your new puppy into your home.

Be prepared for broken sleep over the first few nights. React calmly but firmly when settling him down. Close the door and wait to see if puppy settles. If not return to him with the same calm attitude, settle him down again and leave the room. This may need to be repeated, but the intervals of quiet should get longer until puppy realises he is getting no-where and goes to sleep. At this point you can quietly return to bed for a well earned rest.

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Feb 02

Puppy Socialisation and Training

Socialisation is an important part of puppyhood. They can be taken out immediately to homes where fully vaccinated dogs are, they can also be taken out in public but will have to be carried until 2 weeks after their second vaccination.

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Jan 18

Puppy available for sale

Due to a timewaster, we have a gorgeous Blenheim boy with a thumbspot on his head available from the first week in February. He was chipped and received his first vaccination on 30th January and is now available. IMG_1705  

Jan 03

Why Vaccinate?

Whether pedigree or mongrel, un-vaccinated dogs and young puppies are at risk from a number of diseases which can result in permanent health damage and even death. Regular vaccinations can prevent some of these diseases.

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Jan 01

Settling your new puppy into your home.

Honey’s puppies are reserved, apart from one gorgeous little blenheim boy with a thumbspot right in the middle of his head, and I am sure it won’t be long before he finds his new home. They will be booked in for their first vaccination and microchipping on 31 January 2015. They will then be going to their new homes in the following week, but just how do you settle in your new arrival?

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Dec 27

Honey’s Puppies’ Feeding Feast

Here is a short video of Honeys puppies starting to feed. IMG_1705  

Dec 15

Pyometra – Update on Honey

The pups are growing well as to can see from the photo comparison with their birth picture. They are chunky, firm, rounded little balls of contentment. Just how we like them!

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Dec 06


With 6 puppies to feed, Honey will need 4 times her daily food ration, including cheese for calcium and milk production.

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