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Mar 15

Mating and Pregnancy in dogs

Very often, the bitch will come out of season quite quickly after a successful mating – indeed if the bitch is pregnant to the first mating, the stud dog may not mate her a second time.

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Dec 26

Phantom Pregnancy

Well I must admit Honey had me fooled, and I think she genuinely thought she was pregnant but it is now looking more like she has had a phantom pregnancy

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Dec 03

Honey Pregnant!

We will try to get our webcam on for the whelping so you can see the puppies being born as it happens.

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Oct 31

Christmas puppies expected … hopefully …

If Honey is pregnant then the puppies will be ready to leave for their new homes at the end of February. Anyone who is interested in one of Honey’s puppies should sign up to our FREE Newsletter and will receive updates by email.

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Nov 17

Puppies due!

Hooray! Honey, on the right, is pregnant with puppies due on or about 8/12/14. She had her last litter in October last year and was a great little mum.

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Jun 10

Puppies due!

Drummer and Bella are expecting puppies around the 17th June 2014.

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Feb 03

Honey is looking good

Motherhood seems to have been the making of Honey!
She has piled the weight on which we couldn’t get her to do previously and she looks quite rounded and healthy.

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Jan 25

Helping dogs and cats with babies

Whether a breeder or a family whose animal has accidently become pregnant or a rescue, unless they are neutered, animals have babies.

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Nov 01

Feeding a Lactating Bitch.

it may be necessary to tempt them with strong-smelling foods, eg sardines, and to include a variety of proteins and calcium in their diet.

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Oct 19

Honey, A Lady in Waiting

Honey is into the last ten days of her pregnancy. she is resting and waiting for things to start happening.

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