Tag: Microchipping

Registering your dogs microchip

Many dogs are already microchipped, but are their details on the company’s database?

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Identify your Dog!

If you are buying a new puppy, buy an ID disc beforehand. If you are planning on moving home, get your dog’s new ID disc ahead of time, and put it on their collar, along with the old disc until after you have moved, then simply remove the old disc.

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Mandatory Microchipping

It is a good idea to ask your vet to scan your dogs once a year to ensure that the chip has not “migrated” or ceased to function. Chips have a limited life, somewhere around 7 years, I am told, so if they cease to operate, you may have to have another chip inserted.

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Honey and Drummer meet the Vet!


Drummer was bold and confident, wanting to be fussed and not minding the handling at all. Honey, on the other hand was reserved, a little nervous and glad when it was all over.

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