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Mar 15

Mating and Pregnancy in dogs

Very often, the bitch will come out of season quite quickly after a successful mating – indeed if the bitch is pregnant to the first mating, the stud dog may not mate her a second time.

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Jan 17

Cavalier at stud

Drummer has … proved himself capable of Stud Work and is available and more than willing to perform his duties for our clients.

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Oct 07

Honey and Drummer to meet again

Honey and Drummer produced some stunning puppies in October of last year.

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Sep 30

Honey Heralds Puppies at Heronbank

Puppies will be ready to leave us in February 2015 after their first vaccination and micro-chipping.

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Aug 21

Inbreeding problems

I have a brother and sister from the same litter. Am I right in thinking that there is no need to get them neutered, coz they wouldn’t breed with each other, would they?

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Jun 28

Good breeding practice

In-breeding is not desirable, or necessary these days, as there is a wide gene-pool to choose from, but in the early days in-breeding was practiced as there were so few pedigree cavaliers available.

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May 24

Ask Anne … Q & A … Bitches in Season

Cavaliers will usually come into season at around 8 months but this can vary to between 6 months and 1 year. They will be in season for around 3 weeks, twice a year. The most receptive time is when the bleeding stops and mating usually takes place between day 11 — 14.

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Mar 29

Colours in Cavaliers

Good breeding practice is based on selectively breeding into reputable bloodlines which are, as far as possible, free from disease and defects.

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Mar 04

Skully Mated to Drummer

We managed to mate Skully with Drummer last weekend. She has been mated on 2 seasons previously with no resulting pregnancy

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Feb 25

Skully is in season!

Skully is now in season. Having mated her in two previous seasons, to 2 different proven stud dogs, we have decided to mate her again to Drummer at the weekend.

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