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Feb 14

Valentines danger for dogs

You never would have thought chocolate could be a dangerous poison to dogs, but it is!  This is unfortunate because dogs just love chocolate, no more so than my black and tan cavalier Florence who would do anything to try and get some!

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Feb 12

Why vaccinate?

Whether pedigree or mongrel, un-vaccinated dogs and young puppies are at risk from a number of diseases which can result in permanent health damage and even death. 

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Feb 09

Pros and Cons of Insurance

Firstly, look for “cover for life”. There are some insurers out there who will give you cover for one year and at the end of that time will not continue to insure any condition for which you have already claimed.

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Jun 22

Hettie and Honey are Neutered

We recently took the decision to have both Hettie and Honey neutered.

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Mar 10

Crystal operation: update

Crystal sadly had to be put to sleep this morning. She was refusing food and vomiting. Andrew our vet said she was a very sick little dog and it would be kindest to let her go. We have had quite a bit of expense one way and another with the vets visits, antibiotics, and tests. …

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Mar 05

Operation for Crystal: Update

Crystal is doing well and has lost some weight of late.  About a kg in all. She has more to lose of course before she can have her much needed Cruciate ligament operation. Donations can be made using the Donate button on our website. Please donate what you can. Small donations all add up towards …

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Feb 06

Operation for Crystal

Crystal as rescued after being a breeding bitch on a puppy farm for many years.  These years of forced continual breeding have taken their toll on Crystal and her puppies have sucked a lot of calcium out of her which has resulted in a severe cruciate ligament problem which needs an operation. We have opened a Go …

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Jan 17

Meet Crystal …

Crystal is 10 years old. She was an ex breeding bitch for a puppy farm. She was rescued from there four years ago by a gentleman who sadly has now died. His carer sought help for her through Heronbank. I would have been surprised to find no health issues.

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Sep 20

Lola’s Health Check

Lola went to see our vet Andrew at Donaldson Vets in Mirfield yesterday morning.

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Sep 11

Exploding the myths around neutering

Spaying or neutering is one of the most important steps that pet parents can take to ensure their dog or cat will lead a healthy and happy life.
So why do so many people still not neuter their pets?
Here are some myths around spaying and neutering:

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