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Aug 04

Allergies in dogs

Our rescued Cavalier, Fin, has multiple allergies. He is the worst case that our vet has seen! I have opened this page so that owners of dogs with allergies and share their experiences and things which have worked for them.

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Jun 25

Biscuits for dogs with allergies

the bone shaped ones are a special recipe which will suit Fin with his many allergies.

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May 29

Ask Anne … Q & A … Fleas

We have a 2 year old Blenheim and she has been a dream since a pup but the past two months she has ‘nibbled’ all the fur off her back and near her tail.

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May 19

Fin’s Allergies

We knew that Fin, our rescued cavalier, had multiple allergies including yeast, colourings, preservatives and the like, but we wanted to get a fuller picture so that we could eliminate as many allergens as possible from his environment.

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May 09

Fin – Update

Fin slept from mid afternoon until 9am the following morning. He looked very poorly indeed. We made an appointment for him with the expectation that he would be euthanized.

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May 06

Horner’s Syndrome in Dogs

We can’t make an old dog young again, but we can support him whilst ever he has quality of life. His ability to eat is not diminished, and he is getting about ok, so he does still have a quality of life at the moment.

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Mar 19

Our Rescue Cavalier

Fin came to us with hardly any hair, infection oozing from every orifice and was obviously suffering and depressed. He often wouldn’t get out of his bed until 9am. His skin was red, dry, itchy, scaly and flaking.

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Mar 01

Fin – feeling better

Fin has been taking antibiotics for an unknown infection and a daily iron tablet for his anaemia. This is in addition to numerous homoeopathic remedies which have literally kept him alive for the last 5+ years,

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Feb 26

Fin – Horner’s Syndrome

Apparently it affects the nerves on one side of his face, causing the eye to drop, reduced blinking function, drooling and lethargy. He has taken to holding his head on one side in much the same way as a stroke victim would.

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Jan 09

Behavioural problems and allergies

Some behavioural problems, as well as allergies, can arise through feeding too much protein, colourings, flavourings and additives. Some behavioural problems can be easily solved by feeding the right dog food, and results can often be seen in 2 – 3 weeks.

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