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Dec 10

Is your dog underweight / overweight?

As a general rule, you should be able to feel your dogs ribs and spine but not see them protruding. They should have a waist, just behind their ribs and their tummy should be tucked up.

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Nov 13

Do I cook it?

Dogs need it raw – their biology tells us this, as does evolution. Until you see an oven in the wild, with a wolf or wild dog behind it conducting their own cookery show, keep feeding raw!

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Nov 11

Why feed Raw?

I switched to raw feeding over a year ago and I have never regretted it, my dogs are healthier and happier and literally wolf their food down! Their weight has regulated,

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Jul 23

Feeding Raw – Part 3 – Why I distrust generic dog food, and you should too

Are you a smoker? Would you flick your ash in your dog’s bowl and expect him/her to eat it? Would you dust out your fireplace and pour the ash from the fire into your dog’s bowl and expect gratitude from him/her? Would you expect that it would provide any nutritional value at all? No? Then why buy a food which lists ash as one of its ingredients?

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Jul 17

Feeding Raw – Part 2 – Why go Raw not Cooked

Humans have evolved into needing our meat cooked through millennia of food preparation and clever culinary expertise, dogs haven’t. They are simple (but very lovely) animals.

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Jul 14

Feeding Raw – Part 1 – Why Real Meat?

Dogs have no flat teeth for grinding, they have teeth for chomping, and for ripping, and for crunching. But no flat teeth. Therefore they need a diet that matches their teeth. Pretty hard to chomp and tear and crunch through a tin of processed meat. Even kibble requires grinding, and dogs do not have the capability for that.

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Jul 12

Raw Feeding

I have a friend who raw feeds her dogs and she wouldn’t give them anything else. She is Kim from the Dogmum Bakery. Kim has turned canine nutrition into her life’s work, and will be writing some blogs for me on the subject.

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Jun 04

Burns Food From Heronbank

We at Heronbank try to look after our Burns customers and offer a discount after the first purchase of approximately 5%, on all future purchases.

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May 22

Feeding Your Dog

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the “correct” food for your dog. Some advocate dry food or kibble, some suggest moist food, whilst some prefer home cooked foods or raw feeding.

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Nov 01

Feeding a Lactating Bitch.

it may be necessary to tempt them with strong-smelling foods, eg sardines, and to include a variety of proteins and calcium in their diet.

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