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Feb 15

Working and owning a dog can present its’ own problems.

STEP-IN Pets and Livestock Services was established in 2001 by Kate Greenall after many years of wanting her own business.

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Feb 08

Dogs Day Out

We have the gas man coming to install some smart meters this afternoon, so the girls are going out with our dog walker, Aunty Kate Greenall of Step In Pet Services.

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Feb 07

Puppy Socialisation and Training

When you have bought or adopted your new puppy the process of house training can begin! The routine is wake up, toilet, feed, toilet, sleep, toilet … simple!

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Feb 04

Smoking and your pets

Dogs are at greater risk of developing cancers of the nose and sinus area.

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Feb 02

Tracking Collar

My friend Jemima, once mentioned that her black Labrador has an incredibly high prey drive and when she goes into tracking mode nothing else matters. Training goes out the window as she focusses on one thing and one thing only – the track she has picked up.

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Sep 12

Good Night with Lola

We had a reasonably good night with Lola despite the fact that she only came in yesterday afternoon.   She knows basic commands like Sit and is willing to please.   She gets on well with the other dogs but is more focussed on humans.   Anyone interested in adopting lola should contact us   … …

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Dec 28

Happy Honey

She and her daughter Hettie have been trotting about in the garden enjoying the smells of winter and visiting the cats.

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Dec 08

Tracking Collar

The collar works on GPS signal and has a SIM card installed in it. It has a weighted bottom which enables the tracking part to stay at the back of the dogs neck to receive a signal.

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Nov 19

Spirit’s Recall training

Whilst the weather has been so bad recently, I have been brushing up on Spirit’s Recall training. I threw a few distractions in for her to cope with too – which she did!

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Nov 17

Life Threatening Chocolate

If you do think that your dog may have eaten some chocolate it is always best to get the vets advice as the severity can depend largely on the size of the dog and the amount it has eaten.

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