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Nov 03

Allergies in dogs

Allergies can cause hair loss, flaky and itchy skin, behavioural problems, biting and chewing causing self mutilation. reddening of the skin, eye infections, ear infections and other symptoms.

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Sep 16

Allergies in Dogs

Adverse reactions to ingredients in the diet may well be one of the most common but least recognised causes of ill-health both in pets and humans.

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Aug 04

Allergies in dogs

Our rescued Cavalier, Fin, has multiple allergies. He is the worst case that our vet has seen! I have opened this page so that owners of dogs with allergies and share their experiences and things which have worked for them.

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Jun 12

Special Treats for Special Dogs!

Absolutely everything on the shelves was chock full of ingredients that would make him ill. So I decided enough was enough, my lovely boy would get his treats, and I would make them.

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May 22

Feeding Your Dog

There has been a lot of discussion recently on the “correct” food for your dog. Some advocate dry food or kibble, some suggest moist food, whilst some prefer home cooked foods or raw feeding.

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May 19

Fin’s Allergies

We knew that Fin, our rescued cavalier, had multiple allergies including yeast, colourings, preservatives and the like, but we wanted to get a fuller picture so that we could eliminate as many allergens as possible from his environment.

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Jan 09

Behavioural problems and allergies

Some behavioural problems, as well as allergies, can arise through feeding too much protein, colourings, flavourings and additives. Some behavioural problems can be easily solved by feeding the right dog food, and results can often be seen in 2 – 3 weeks.

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Mar 09

Fin’s progress

He’s a happy chap, enjoying his treadmill and even playing with the girls, something he would not do when he first came to us for fear of them catching his skin and hurting him.

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Jan 29

Food Intolerance/Allergy

Understanding and recognising dietary intolerance is not helped by pet food legislation which allows pet food manufacturers to declare ingredients such as “animal derivatives and cereals” rather than naming the actual ingredients.

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Oct 21

Fin – New Treatment


Our rescued cavalier, Fin has multiple allergies, see http://www.heronbank.co.uk/2011/05/fins-allergy-test-results/ His yeast allergy flared up a couple of days ago (no obvious reason) leaving his skin red, sore and covered in encrusted yeast deposits, despite bathing. We took him back to our vets Donaldson & Partners at Mirfield and saw “Uncle Andrew”.  After thinking for a while …

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