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Dogs can become stressed too.  Stress can occur in many common situations, such as a house-move, the introduction of a new baby or another pet, travel, thunderstorms, being left home alone, kennelling, fireworks … the list goes on …

Dogs can exhibit signs of stress in different ways.  House-soiling, reduced appetite, hiding away, sleep disturbances, reluctance to play, changed attitude, excessive salivation, shaking, trembling etc.

Heronbank Cavaliers

Heronbank Cavaliers

If you think your dog may be stressed, first see your vet, as there may be a medical cause for this behaviour.

He may carry out tests including blood or urine tests and will discuss with you any ways to manage these symptoms.

Zylkene is a natural product which can help dogs – and cats – cope with stressful situations.  It is not a sedative and can be used for short periods or for prolonged periods if necessary.

Zylkene can be given in a treat and needs to be given only once a day.  I have used this product myself for a dog with fireworks phobia with good results.  I started treatment at least a week before the anticipated start of the fireworks and for a further week afterwards.

…  Anne