Heronbank Cavaliers


Drummer has been a bit of a problem recently.  His constant barking on walks is wearing to say the least.  Then his “piece de resistance” was when he jumped over the dog gate, through the door and headed off down the street, with Nick in hot pursuit!  We have suggested a change of diet to exclude colourings, flavourings and the like – the “E” numbers – these can affect dogs in the same way they do children.

I found an extremely good article on this recently which may interest you.  Also we ordered a homoeopathic remedy from Charles Barrett, our Homoeopathic Consultant, which worked well for our first stud Heronbank Fascination, aka Winston, who was quite a dominant little dog who knew his own mind.  It is probable that there is an in season bitch in the village – or even in the next county! – and Drummer is keen to begin his stud career.

…  Anne