Spirit is a blue merle border collie with the most striking blue eyes.

As soon as I saw her, at a few days old, I fell in love with her and by the time she was six weeks old, I had convinced John that whatever he said, I was going to have this puppy!

I had intended to do competition obedience and agility with her, but around the time of her first season, she began lunging and nipping other dogs – not always popular with other dog owners!

I thought neutering would help, but sadly not.  She would never fight, and on the rare occasions that a dog retaliated, she immediately adopted a submissive posture.

She is trained to Gold standard and works well off the lead, even around other dogs, but once she focuses on them, her training goes out of the window.


Agility was also doomed to failure, and although Spirit enjoyed the jumps, tunnels, tyres and A-frame – the see-saw moved and she would not go on it, likewise the dog-walk as it reminded her of the see-saw.

She is an excellent security alarm, especially if anyone goes next door, which she considers to be part of our property.

Around the home, with our own dogs and other dogs she knows, she is fine, but new situations tend to stress her.

The first time I introduced her to the scent of newly born puppies, on my hands, she immediately lowered her head in a submissive gesture as if to say:


If I treat these little ones as Scooby Snacks, Mum’ll Kill me!