Thousands of unwanted dogs are put to sleep unnecessarily each year. Some of the lucky ones are cared for in rescues whilst they await a new home.



Kai and Daisy were used by their owners as bait dogs.

DaisyThey are therefore reactive to other dogs and need a dog free home.

Surprisingly they have not lost their trust in humans and have wonderful loving personalities.

They each need the chance to live a normal life.

Do you have a dog free home?

Can you give Kai or Daisy a chance?


No one knows my suffering no one feels my pain….

Being used for bait again and again….

sozo kai2

You can see it in my eyes the scars are deep within….

I need a new life but where do I begin….

How do I move on from the the fear and the pain…

I’m the way I am in case it happens to me again..

I’m not a bad doggy Craig says I’m so special…

And he’s on the lookout for the best home in the world….

I really don’t like kennels I get so scared…

I NEED a new home if only someone cared….

If you took a chance and met me you really would see….

How wiggly and kissy and licky I really can be…


I am scared of some dogs but please understand WHY….

I was attacked so many times I thought I would die…

The day the warden found me I was frozen to the floor

She had to pick me up and carry me out the door…

Fear then owned me and I didn’t know how to be….

I am a GOOD dog when will people see….

Why all the other doggy’s and never ever me…

I just want some love and a space On the couch…

I want my own bowl and family inside my own house..

I don’t know what else to do… I don’t know what else to try…

PLEASE take me home and then you’ll know why.

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