Sooty, the rescued cat, has issues with other animals.  He has therefore been very difficult to place in a new home.

Sooty - on arrival

Sooty - on arrival

When Sooty came in it was the really cold winter of 2010/11.  Sooty was surviving the best way he could, in a draughty, freezing, concrete stairwell of a block of flats.  He had been abandoned and was begging for food at every door.  He was very thin and had multiple bites to his head and neck, which had abscessed.  He also had fleas, worms and ear mites.

We nursed him back to health and it was then that we noticed his issues with other animals – and humans!  This was most likely to have been caused by his bad experiences.


Sooty - fully recovered


So, Sooty was kept in a pen in my garden, safe and secure, and well fed – until today.  We were fortunate enough to be contacted by Jan from Farplace Animal Rescue Centre in Weardale.  In the days when I was doing puppy Rescue, Jan was my right arm.  We worked side by side for a number of years.  As time went by, Jan moved to Weardale and we lost touch.  In the course of e-mailled conversations, I mentioned Sooty to her, and she had a free pen, so agreed to take him.  He will be going on Friday of this week.

Ideally, he would be happy in a warehouse, barn or similar, where he could do his own thing and receive regular meals, and when the work on the renovation of the old barn at Farplace is completed, that’s where he’ll stay and be well cared for.

Farplace do a great job and are always grateful for Donations and Support.

…  Anne