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 Importance of the correct diet

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It is very important to feed your dog a balanced diet.

Some behavioral problems, as well as allergies, can arise through feeding too much protein, colourings, flavourings and additives.  These are often found in cheaper dog foods and can make your dog hyperactive, mimicking behavioural problems.  It’s like feeding your toddler a can of coke and a choc bar at bed-time.  He would be bouncing off the walls instead of sleeping!

Burns food was created and developed to help with health problems, both physical and mental.  There is a growing recognition that bad behaviour is linked to incorrect diet.  This is true for pets as well as children.  It is likely that many cases of abnormal behaviour are caused by un-diagnosed allergy or intolerance to food ingredients.

High energy dogs in particular, such as border collies, boxers and springer spaniels, unless they are working dogs, do not need a high protein content in their food.

Some behavioural problems can be easily solved by feeding the right food.

Results can often be seen in 2 – 3 weeks.