Flea treatmentspirit home after holiday1As all pet owners will know, Fleas are a common problem in dogs and cats, particularly during the summer months. Even the best of us can get an occasional infestation.  So how do you get rid of the little blighters? Regular flea treatments for your pets will help, of course, but if you take in rescues, as we have been doing since the start of the cat breeding season, you are more likely to have some little visitors.

Despite treating the new feline arrivals, we currently are experiencing an influx of cat fleas. Special care must be taken when treating mothers with kittens, but somehow some of the little blighters have got through the net. Turns out that I am allergic to them – and they obviously like the taste of my blood! Lemon juice, rubbed on the skin after a shower helps deter them – they dislike the smell, but obviously this needs renewing regularly and is only a temporary relief. Having thoroughly Front-lined our 5 dogs and 5 cats, and the rescues – again, we are now tackling the house problem. We purchased a large can of Flea treatments for carpets and soft furnishings and have started on each room. The room must be closed for half an hour after the treatment, and then it must be ventilated thoroughly before animals (or humans) are allowed back in.  Hopefully that will sort the problem, and the beauty of it is that the treatment lasts for up to 6 months.

…  Anne